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Seattle Criminal Defense - Vehicular Assault Charges

While most motor vehicle offenses (including DUI) are charged as misdemeanors, some violations are serious enough to be charged as gross misdemeanors or felonies. Conviction of a serious traffic offense such as vehicular assault could result in a long license suspension or revocation, heavy fines, jail time, or even a sentence to state prison. For dependable advice and knowledgeable representation on the worst motor vehicle charges, contact Seattle criminal defense lawyer Steve Karimi.

As an experienced former prosecutor, Steve Karimi understands the evidence that the prosecution requires to go forward with a serious charge against you. As soon as you engage his services, he goes to work on finding ways to resolve the situation on terms that favor your position. This might involve the presentation of facts that explain your conduct or contradict the statements of witnesses or a police report. Another approach is to challenge the circumstances of a traffic stop, arrest, or the state's failure to follow complicated blood-testing protocols so that evidence against you won't be admitted at trial. He can also make it clear to the prosecuting attorney that it will be difficult or impossible to prove certain facts necessary to support a conviction on a given charge.

These defense strategies are just a few examples of the ways that Steve Karimi can help you resolve such motor vehicle offenses as the following:

  • Vehicular assault based on an injury accident related to drunk driving or reckless driving
  • Eluding a police officer or state patrol vehicle
  • Street racing, excess speeding, or other reckless driving resulting in property damage or injury
  • Injury accidents while driving on a suspended license or driving without insurance

No matter how strong the evidence against you appears to be, there is hardly ever a case where an effective defense cannot be prepared and presented in your favor, either in negotiations with the prosecution or at trial before a jury. Whether you are facing felony charges for vehicular assault, repeat DUI, or any other serious offense under Washington law, Steve Karimi can advise you about your options and prepare the strongest possible defense under the facts. Contact his office in Seattle for a free consultation about your legal alternatives.

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Named a "rising star" in criminal defense by Washington Law and Politics magazine, Mr. Karimi is a former prosecutor for King County who uses his insight into prosecution strategies to protect his clients' rights in criminal court.