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Juvenile Drug Charges

Defense on Juvenile Drug Charges

Seattle Drug Crimes Drug Defense Lawyer

If your teen or young adult child has been arrested for a drug crime—most often possession of marijuana or some other drug (meth, crack cocaine, vicodin, oxycodone)—your first fear is likely to be that this mistake will ruin his or her life.

A drug crimes conviction can have serious consequences, even for young people who have never had any problems with the law before. That's because drug crimes are treated much more harshly than many other crimes. Not only does your child face jail time and fines, but a drug conviction can ruin his chances for college funding.

If you are seeking a defense attorney for your high school or college-aged child facing a charge for drug possession, possession with intent to sell, or some other drug crime, call Seattle criminal defense lawyer Steve Karimi at 206-660-6200 for a free initial consultation.

"Let My Extensive Experience as a Former Prosecutor Work For You."

Keep juvenile drug charges off your child's record. Work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the Washington state juvenile justice system, state and federal drug laws, and the sentencing alternatives available to first-time offenders.

Drug Charges in the Juvenile System (Under Age 18)

A minor accused of a crime should always have a defense lawyer for any proceedings in the juvenile court. Just because a police officer has made an arrest that does not mean your young person is guilty. He or she may have been the victim of circumstance or bad company. It's important to work with a dedicated defense attorney who will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case so your young adult doesn't pay the price of law enforcement's overzealous prosecution of young people.

On the other hand, for young people who have a drug problem, the juvenile justice system promotes treatment and rehabilitation. Schools or social service agencies in your area may offer programs that will work for your child. Attorney Steve Karimi is familiar with programs offered in our community and can help you understand the options available.

Sentencing Alternatives in Juvenile Drug Cases

As your juvenile drug crimes defense attorney, Mr. Karimi may ask the court to "sentence" your young person to a diversion program. If he or she successfully completes the program and probation period, the case will be dismissed. On the other hand, a positive test result for drug use or any other violation of the program will result in the case going back to the court.

Expungement of a Criminal Case

If your child was convicted of a drug crime, as Mr. Karimi about your chances of petitioning the court to seal and vacate that conviction. An "expungement" removes the conviction from your child's record, as if the conviction never existed. He or she will not have to report it on applications for school, employment or military enlistment.

"Let My Extensive Experience as a Former Prosecutor Work For You."

Seattle juvenile crime lawyer Steve Karimi has defended many teens and young adults facing juvenile drug charges in Washington. His experience as a former prosecutor can get you the results you need in juvenile proceedings and in adult drug court.

Call 206-660-6200, or email our Seattle law office. Your initial consultation is free.

Representing people charged with juvenile crimes in King County, Washington state, including Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Snohomish.

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