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After a VUCSA Drug Arrest, You Need a Strong Defense

Nationwide, drug-related offenses account for one-third of all arrests. Washington is one of the states leading the nation in arrests for marijuana possession and simple possession of a controlled substance. If you were arrested on a misdemeanor, felony or juvenile drug charge, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a proven record of success in these cases.

At the Law Offices of Steve Karimi in Seattle, we offer sound legal advice and experienced, aggressive defense representation for clients charged with drug crimes of all kinds. We also help clients fight to keep or reclaim their property in forfeiture hearings. If you were arrested for a drug crime, former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney Steve Karimi will fight for you. To discuss your case in a free and completely confidential consultation, contact us immediately.

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Drug crimes charges include possession, use, sale or furnishing of any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia that is prohibited by law, as well as the unlawful possession of legal drugs (such as prescription drug abuse). In Washington State, it is a misdemeanor to possess 40 grams or less of marijuana, but possessing even the smallest amount of cocaine is a felony and you could face a Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA). A VUCSA felony offense exposes one to serious criminal penalties, including prison time for cases involving delivery, intent to deliver, or manufacturing of drugs. .

The charges against you and the seriousness of the punishment you may be facing will depend upon a number of factors:

  • Quantity of drugs in your possession
  • The type of drug (marijuana, meth, cocaine, crack, heroin) and its classification under the drug schedule
  • The purpose of your possession (for personal use or with the intent to sell or distribute)
  • Evidence of sales activity
  • Weapons possession or use
  • Large amounts of money involved (charges of money laundering and tax evasion often accompany large-scale federal drug cases)
  • Your past criminal history (offender score)

Get the Experienced Defense You Need

As your VUCSA drug defense lawyer, Steve Karimi will review all the evidence against you and will ensure that the state has not miscalculated your offender score, making you vulnerable to enhanced punishment. He understands how local prosecutors, judges and juries consider each of these factors in drug crimes cases—from simple possession to drug manufacturing—and he understands effective defense strategies.

It is common for prosecutors to claim that a defendant who was in possession of drugs (even a relatively small amount) had intent to sell or deliver drugs instead of simple possession. Because the punishment for intent to deliver or sell drugs is so much greater than possession, it's essential to develop the strongest possible defense arguments and to prepare thoroughly for your criminal case. A conviction could mean jail or prison time and can affect your future education, financial aid, and employment.

One of the most important defense strategies in drug crimes cases is to review how the police obtained evidence against you. On occasion, the police base an accusation of drug possession upon an illegal search and seizure. If proper procedures were not followed and your constitutional rights were violated, any evidence against you cannot be introduced in court. Contact us today to discuss your case in a free consultation.

Sentencing Alternatives in Drug Crimes and VUCSA Cases

Seattle VUCSA drug crimes defense lawyer Steve Karimi has handled many cases for people arrested on charges of drug possession, meth possession, marijuana possession and delivery of drugs. In addition to plea bargaining and trial defense, he understands the mix of sentencing alternatives available from the Washington drug courts.

Diversion Programs: A diversion program may be an option for you, particularly with a first offense or a lower-level crime. The state may offer the option of entering a drug treatment program in exchange for dismissing the charges against you upon completion of the program. Drug treatment programs involve a series of classes and random drug testing. A "dirty" or positive test result or any other violation of the program will result in your case going back to the court and possible sanctions.

First-Time Offender Waiver: As your drug crimes defense attorney, Mr. Karimi can also seek a "first-time offender waiver," which minimizes the jail time of a serious drug charge.

DOSA (Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative): cuts jail time in half and allows the defendant to enter into the community under probationary supervision. Electronic home detention (monitoring) is also a possibility.

After a Drug Arrest, Contact Attorney Steve Karimi

At the Seattle Law Offices of Steve Karimi, your initial consultation will be free and completely confidential. We have a proven record of success in defending clients charged drug-related crimes.Our fees are extremely reasonable. Call our offices at 206-621-8777 or our 24-hour help line at 206-660-6200 for immediate assistance. You can also e-mail us now for answers to your important questions or to schedule an appointment.

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