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When an Altercation Results in Felony Domestic Violence Assault Charges,
You Need a Strong Defense

In an argument between friends or spouses, things can get out of hand. In the heat of the moment, someone is pushed to the ground. He or she suffers a small fracture. Most people would agree that this is an unfortunate situation. Some would even call it a crime. But few people realize that this scenario can result in felony domestic violence assault charges.

The same is true if you are accused of grabbing a person's neck in the course of an altercation. This is technically known as Assault 2 by Strangulation, a serious felony crime. It is not necessary for the person to pass out for the charge to be felony assault by strangulation. Do not risk your future. at the Law Offices of Steve Karimi we have handled many felony domestic violence cases and avoided the dire consequences that typically follow those accused.

If you are facing charges of felony assault, contact a Seattle felony assault defense attorney online or call 206-660-6200 to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Do Not Strike Out. Protect Your Freedom.

When a 911 call in a case of suspected domestic violence results in an arrest and felony assault charges, the consequences can be devastating. In both of the situations discussed above, the accused person is facing a "strike crime" in Washington state. Three convictions for a strike crime will result in a life sentence in prison. When the stakes are this high, you simply cannot afford to entrust your defense to an inexperienced or untested lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Steve Karimi, you will find the strong, experienced defense you need. As a former prosecutor, Seattle criminal defense attorney Steve Karimi understands how the system works in these cases. He will put his knowledge and skill to work in your defense.

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