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Asset Forfeiture and Property Seizure in Washington State Drug Cases

According to state and federal law, under certain circumstances the authorities have the power to seize your personal property and assets if you are arrested for a drug crime. Cars, boats and even family homes are routinely seized by the government in these cases.

In general, state and federal law enforcement agencies do not care if the person who is accused of a crime is not the person whose property is being seized. For example, if a friend or family member uses your car in the commission of a drug crime, your vehicle could be seized, even though you were not involved. This action against an innocent 3rd party owner or bank owned property is unlawful. In such cases, Mr. Karimi will seeks attorney fees and remove a forfeiture hearing to District or Superior court.

At the Seattle Law Offices of Steve Karimi, we fight the seizure of property and forfeiture of assets in drug cases. As a former prosecutor, experienced criminal defense lawyer Steve Karimi understands how the system works in these cases and can help you stand up for your rights and fight to get your property or assets back. Contact us 24 hours a day for a free and completely confidential consultation.

"Put My Extensive Experience as a Prosecutor To Work for You."

Attorney Steve Karimi's in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system enables him to offer you sound legal guidance and aggressive representation in asset forfeiture and property seizure hearings. If you have received a forfeiture notice or your property has already been seized, you have 45 days to claim your property or file a request for a forfeiture hearing.

At the forfeiture hearing, the government must prove that any assets seized were obtained through illegal means or with money that was the proceeds of a criminal enterprise. Steve Karimi can help you build a strong case and fight any government claims to your property.

If you need help getting your car back or preventing the seizure of assets at a forfeiture hearing after an arrest for a drug offense or any other crime, call the Law Offices of Steve Karimi in Seattle at 206-660-6200. You can contact us by e-mail now to schedule an appointment.

Your initial consultation will be free and completely confidential. Our rates are extremely reasonable. If you cannot meet at our downtown Seattle offices, we will gladly schedule an appointment at another, more convenient location.

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If you were arrested or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Seattle or surrounding areas of Washington State, the Law Offices of Steve Karimi can help. Call 206-660-6200 24 hours a day for a free consultation.

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Named a "rising star" in criminal defense by Washington Law and Politics magazine, Mr. Karimi is a former prosecutor for King County who uses his insight into prosecution strategies to protect his clients' rights in criminal court.