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Former BBC Host Exonerated After Being Prosecuted on False Harassment Claims

Posted by Steve Karimi | May 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

A former BBC host's name has been cleared after recently being exonerated from a prosecution on false harassment claims. The woman who fabricated the allegations has recently been sentenced for lying to authorities.

Diane Louise Jordan is speaking out about the harassment claims that single-handedly ruined her career and tarnished her reputation. A few years ago, Jordan's former son-in-law and father of her grandchildren, David Linton, and his girlfriend, Kayla Thomas, devised to create a lot of issues for the successful host. Apparently, he was still married to Diane's daughter when the two became a couple. Diane's daughter, Justine, and David broke it off that same year, presumably due to the infidelity. When Justine moved out and Kayla moved in, tensions started to rise.

In October of 2014, Diane accompanied her daughter to pick up her belongings from the house when they realized Kayla had moved in. Diane recalls that she had asked her to leave, but she wouldn't.

“It was arranged through the court, which ordered David and Kayla not to be there at the time,” she said. “When we arrived, I left Justine and my youngest granddaughter in the car and went into the house to check he wasn't there. He wasn't, but Kayla was, talking on the landline. I told her she wasn't supposed to be there and asked her to leave but she wouldn't.”

After that debacle, David and Kayla had initiated a public smear campaign of the BBC host. David told media outlets and bloggers that his ex-mother-in-law was “like a rottweiler.” And that he was “absolutely terrified” of what she was capable of. He claimed that when he told Diane that he refused to get back with her daughter he was verbally abused and threatened by the 57-year-old. “She told me that she has money and I don't so she can get away with whatever she likes,” David said. He also made claims that Diane physically assaulted his girlfriend during an altercation.

A few months after this comments, she was served a PIN - a police information notice - after Kayla made false allegations of Diane attacking her in Cambridge to the police. These controversial notices are issued very frequently. Government reports state that they are often administered without a sufficient investigation. The report acknowledged that there was no consistent procedure linked to appealing against a PIN, which “can feel very unfair to recipients.”

This was the case for Diane. When the presenter was able to prove she was in London the day of the supposed attack, she was immediately released and exonerated.

“ I feel as if I've been on the most horrible rollercoaster,” Diane said. My integrity has been questioned and my sense of trust is out the window and I didn't know who would come out and say something about me. Now, wherever you go, the first thing you read about me is that I'm a thug who has been intimidating people. I thought in this country we are all innocent until proved guilty, but in this instance, I was clearly guilty until proved innocent.

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