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Man Is Indicted for Stalking Fourth Grade Pen Pal for Decades

Posted by Steve Karimi | May 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

A 46-year-old man from Staten Island has been arrested and accused of stalking a woman who he met in elementary school. She claims that the harassment has persisted for decades.

Jason Christopher Hughes is facing federal criminal charges after the FBI caught wind of his extreme stalking campaigns against a woman who he's known since the 70s. He had been harassing the woman, who was initially his fourth grade pen pal, for many years by threatening her and her children. Investigators have identified another woman who was subject to his harassment also. Hughes has been indicted on five counts of harassment and stalking for his antics.

According to a recent article, Hughes' harassment episodes consisted of sending numerous messages to the two victims referencing occultism and cannibalism. He often sent gory and detailed messages about the steps one would take if they were to mutilate a person to the women under the guise of a fake identity. He sent 23 emails to his old pen pal, who is now a school teacher. Investigators say he sent her quotes from the famous poem titled “Paradise Lost,” by famous English poet John Milton, which references God, Satan and other biblical characters. He claimed he was going to eventually do something “very terrible” to her and the students in her care.

“Consider yourself very, very lucky indeed that i don't dare being Darkness right to your classroom or front door,” Hughes wrote in an email. “See I don't like children. I actually hate them. I laugh when one of them is abducted or fall under a train or is eaten by wild dogs.”

The threatening emails sent by Hughes to the other woman started in 2015. He sent the woman a message titled “How to Make Your Own Pet Owl,” which described the process of mutilation in detail. She claims Hughes began stalking her when he attempted to pursue a relationship and she turned him down. He got the woman fired from several jobs by sending notes and emails to her boss claiming that she was stalking him. Her identity, along with the identity of Hughes' fourth grade pen pal have been withheld. However, she's been pretty vocal about the situation.

“It's been a nightmare, she said. It was just psycho, I never actually met him. He told me he was a werewolf and a two-time Scorpio.”

The well-known internet troll was caught after he decided to post each act of harassment against the victims on several web pages, at least one of these pages was popular social media site, Tumblr. He reportedly remains free on $150,000 bail and is under arrests. He has been prohibited from using a computer for non-work purposes.

Most stalking cases are not this extreme. Some behavior you may consider normal could be misconceived as stalking or harassment. If you have been arrested on these charges, you deserve a quality defense to fight for your rights. Contact the Law Office of Steve Karimi today for a consultation.

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