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Engine Ejected from Vehicle After Crash

Posted by Steve Karimi | Nov 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Washington State Patrol reported a car accident on State Route 509 in Seattle. Officers reported that the impact from the crash, which caused the vehicle to roll over, was so great that the engine was ejected from the vehicle. When police arrived on the scene they found a Nissan Altima upside down. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident. Although the impact was great enough to cause the engine to leave the car, miraculously, the driver was not injured. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Washington State Troopers are still trying to piece together the events of the accident to determine facts and exact circumstances leading up to the accident.

DUI in Washington State

In Washington, a DUI is typically a gross misdemeanor. A person may be charged with a DUI in the event that they are operating, or are in physical control, of a vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • Have a blood alcohol content of .08 or more; or
  • Have a THC concentration of 0.05 or more; or
  • While physically impaired by drugs (illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter), or alcohol, or any combination of drugs and alcohol.

Gross misdemeanor charges can be punishable of up to one year in jail, may be assigned a fine between $350 and $5,000, and may result in a 90-day suspension of your driver's license. Keep in mind, if you have multiple DUIs you will be looking at much steeper penalties and any number of alternative sanctions.

Additional DUI Sanctions

In Washington, judges have the discretion to impose additional sanctions on those convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The additional DUI sanctions include:

  • “Installation of an ignition interlock device (IID);
  • EHM or electronic home monitoring (home detention);
  • Drug or alcohol dependency treatment or counseling; or
  • Driving school.”

The list above is by no means comprehensive and there are additional sanctions that may be opposed upon those convicted of driving under the influence. In addition to additional sanctions which may be opposed by virtue of DUI conviction, a person suspected of DUI may also have sanctions imposed for refusing to perform a breath test. The first refusal of a breath test within a seven-year period will result in an automatic one-year suspension of your license. The second or any subsequent refusals to test automatically result in a two-year suspension of your driver's license. The state will argue that the mere refusal to test is due to a “guilty conscience.”

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